Make the smart choice for your business.

Discover the limitless possibilities with BARID and revolutionize the way your company operates. From streamlining communication to enhancing security, BARID offers a suite of features designed to empower your business.

Market yourself

Tailor the customer experience on our sender portal by incorporating your company's branding.
Personal branding
Direct communication
Automated email campaigns
Multi-channel marketing
Data analytics

Strong relationships are built on efficient communication.

BARID streamlines the process of organizing your papers, ensuring everything is neatly categorized and easily accessible within your digital mailbox.
Keep track of all documens
Instant access
Searchable archives
Share easily documents
Anywhere, anytime.

Enhanced security and compliance

Protect sensitive information with BARID’s advanced encryption and secure platform, ensuring trust and confidentiality.
UAE Pass
Advanced encryption
Secure servers
Two-factor authentication
Secure transmission
Continuous monitoring

Cost-efficient communication

You can reduce costs associated with traditional mail by up to 70%. This includes savings on printing, postage, and administrative handling, allowing more resources to be directed towards core business activities.
Efficient resource allocation
Lower storage costs
Minimized risk of errors
Reduced postage and printing costs
Multi-channel marketing

Building an environment people like working in by doing things they like.

Spend time on what matters. Avoid unnecessary administrative tasks to consume your time.
Centralized inbox
Automated organization
Efficient communication
Streamlined email distribution
Analytics and reporting

Environmental responsibility

Switching to a digital mailbox significantly reduces paper usage, contributing to a 70% lower environmental footprint. Companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by reducing their reliance on physical mail.
Reduced paper usage
Lower carbon emissions
Conservation of natural resources
Waste reduction
Environmental responsibility
Energy efficiency


BARID has taken yet another step towards the forefront of innovation by being admitted to the Microsoft Accelerator Program Founders Hub. This acknowledged success opens new doors for BARID and marks its position as a pioneering player in technology and digital transformation.


BARID is a certified member of the The Dubai International Financial Centre Innovation Hub.

  • Fintech accelerator

  • Collaboration opportunities

  • Access to a large innovation community