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We are currently beta testing in Dubai.

BARID is your digital inbox in your pocket.

BARID will soon be available on App Store and Google Play. Sign up on our waiting list to test the app for free.

Congratulations! you are on our waiting list now.

We’re changing the way the UAE Citizens thinks About Mailbox

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Barid is much safer than traditional paper mail. All data is encrypted and securely stored, and you are the only one with access to your account through UAE PASS.


Barid is considerably safer than email and more friendly to the environment. All data is encrypted and safely stored. You, and you only, can access your account using UAE PASS.

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It is easy and takes less than one minutes to create an account. You access all your mail and documents with the app or on the web.

BARID – want to make everyday life easier


Bank & Insurance

You would receive your bank statement and insurance document and much more in the same place.

Payment wallet

Don't have to login into your bank to make the payment anymore.

eSigning document

We believe that e-signing should be easy-to-use and secure.


  • Is Barid for free?
    Yes, Barid is free for all Residents.
  • How secure Is Barid?
    Barid is much safer than regular paper mail and E-mail. Barid is connected to your ID Number and you log in to the service with UAE PASS. All of our data related to user content is encrypted and stored securely in our systems in UAE.
  • Can i receive government mail?
    We are ongoing with different governments to be authorized suppliers of secure digital government mail.
  • Can I choose what I receive in Barid?
    When you sign up for Barid you will automatically start to receive digital mail from connected companies and organisations. But you can always choose to get letters in diffrent form from a specific sender if you wish so. You can manage all your senders under "settings" in Barid.

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